Grassroots Innovations Research – Networking Day

On March 8th 2011, a group of researchers met at UEA London to spend the day together, exchanging ideas and experience around our common interests in grassroots innovations research.
The aim of this day was to start to build a research community community-led innovations for sustainability (grassroots innovations), and to help develop collaborative ideas for papers, funding proposals, conferences and so on.
The day was structured to allow people to get to know each other and start to discover common interests and approaches, and opportunities for collaboration. We aimed to kick-start some interesting conversations, and so emphasised fun, creative participative activities to enable this (and guaranteed, no powerpoint!).
Many ideas for future collaboration were proposed, including meetings, papers, links between projects and funding opportunities, and three of these were quickly worked up to develop action plans and next steps. We envisage that the next GI research meeting will be focused specifically around taking forward some of these opportunities, and look forward to building our research community still further.
Participants were: Gill Seyfang, Tom Hargreaves, Noel Longhurst, Jeppe Graugaard, Tina Wegg (UEA); Adrian Smith, Jim Watson, Sabine Hielscher, Jin Park, Mari Martiskainen, Bex White, Rachael Durrant (University of Sussex), Isabelle Moussaoui (Ecleer, Paris), Helene Joachain (University of Brussels).
Photos show: a map of our research network showing existing and desired working links between people; a gallery of images chosen to represent our current research interests.