Journal paper: Translating Sustainabilities Between Green Niches and Socio-Technical Regimes

Smith, A. (2007) ‘Translating Sustainabilities Between Green Niches and Socio-Technical Regimes’ Technology Analysis and Strategic Management 19(4) pp.427-450

A role for green niches has risen to prominence in the environment and innovation literature. The role of idealistic enthusiasts in the creation of sustainability initiatives in niches is widely recognized.The importance of tensions in incumbent socio-technical regimes is acknowledged to provide niches with development opportunities. However, the literature currently gives insufficient consideration to the processes by which niches and regimes interact and are interdependent. This paper addresses this by considering socio-technical translations between niches and regimes. It does so by analysing niche-regime interactions in the areas of food and housing and the development of eco-housing and organic food in the UK. Three kinds of translations are identified that affect the sustainabilities practiced in niches and regimes, and which do not all flow from green niche to incumbent regime.

Smith 2007 – green niches TASM