2010 Innovating Complementary Currencies Workshop

GICC held a successful workshop in London that bought together a range of practitioners and academics from the field of complementary currencies from across Europe and beyond.

Here you can find outputs from the workshop, including a collection of project briefs from new and innovative projects from around the world, the biographies of all our participants. Our analysis of the workshop activities and findings and more to be added shortly.

The Grassroots Innovations: Complementary Currency project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust and led by Dr Gill Seyfang (ENV), is exploring the diffusion and replication of complementary currency systems. These are alternative forms of money, such as the Brixton Pound, green loyalty reward cards, or volunteering ‘time banks’. The workshop at the UEA London offices bought together representatives from a range of  different currency schemes. Participants discussed initiatives that were being implemented in various European countries as well as South America and Asia. Senior Research Associate Noel Longhurst commented:

“The workshop was intended to serve two purposes. The first was to discuss the current developments in the complementary currency field, exploring the latest models and trends. The complementary currency field is fairly fragmented and it is difficult to get reliable data on the specifics of different systems. Many participants were unaware of the other systems we brought together.
The second objective was for us to explore some of the conceptual framework with participants, before we engage in a stage of deeper empirical work. On both counts the workshop was a great success with both participants and ourselves benefiting from the exchange of information.”