Spotlight feature on Grassroots Innovation

SPRU and STEPS members Adrian Smith and Elisa Arond have contributed to a Spotlight feature on grassroots innovation for the website.

SciDev provides a global forum for news, opinion and research on science, technology and development. Writing with colleagues from Argentina and India, the SPRU authors map out grassroots innovation, providing an overview of this very diverse, dynamic, and yet often overlooked activity and discuss some of the dilemmas confronting this approach to development. Other contributors to the Spotlight, which is produced in the run up to the Rio+20 Summit in June, include Anil Gupta, Tony Marjoram, Lawrence Gudza and David Dickson.

English and Spanish versions of the SPRU feature are available. is a website devoted to news, reports and analysis on relations between science, technology, innnovation and development issues.

Their latest Spotlight is intended to contribute to attempts to put grassroots innovation on the agenda of the Rio+20 process, centred around the Summit in Rio in June.

Other contributions from Anil Gupta, Tony Majoram, and Lawrence Gudza argue why grassroots innovation needs to be considered more seriously, and suggest how best to support these activities.