Book chapter: Civil society in sustainable energy transitions

How does civil society feature in wide-scale transformation processes to socio-technical systems like energy? In this book chapter, Adrian Smith explors ways of addressing this question by drawing upon concepts and frameworks from literatures on civil society, social movements, and socio-technical transitions. Whilst it is clear civil society is always involved, and in important ways, it is also apparent that such involvement isit is important to remember that it is never a singular, ‘manageable’ presence. If it were, then it would cease to be civil society. The edited book, Governing the energy transition, is by Derk Loorbach and Geert Verbong and is published by Routledge.

PDF file of the chapter: Smith 2012 – Civil society in energy transitions

Smith, A. (2012) Civil society in sustainable energy transitions, in Loorbach, D. and G. Verbong (eds.) Governing the energy transition Routledge, New York.