Journal article: Connecting regimes and practices in innovation for sustainability

planetThe multilevel perspective and social practice theory have emerged as competing approaches for understanding the complexity of sociotechnical change. The relationship between these two different camps has, on occasions, been antagonistic, but we argue that they are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, through empirical analysis of two different case studies of sustainability innovation, we show that analyses that adopt only one of these theoretical lenses risk blindness to critical innovation dynamics. In particular, we identify various points of intersection between regimes and practices that can serve to prevent (or potentially facilitate) sustainability transitions. We conclude by suggesting some possible directions for further research that place these crossovers and intersections at the centre of analyses.

Up, Down, Round and Round EPA 2013

Hargreaves T, Longhurst N, Seyfang G, 2013, “Up, down, round and round: connecting regimes and practices in innovation for sustainability” Environment and Planning A 45(2) 402 – 420  doi:10.1068/a45124