Postcards from Community Energy


Community energy is growing and making a difference. All around the country, more and more people are getting involved in projects that develop sustainable energy in their communities.

Through awareness-raising discussion groups, renewable energy co-operatives, and energy efficiency installation teams, community

groups are experimenting with a variety of ways to bring sustainable energy into peoples’ lives. These activities give participants a direct stake in energy for a more sustainable future. They are creating new pathways to low-carbon energy.

The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change is developing a new strategy for community energy – an exciting opportunity for this grassroots innovation to scale up and influence mainstream energy systems.

cise9We have produced a set of postcards which makes a number of policy recommendations on the basis of a 3-year research project carried out at the Universities of Sussex and East Anglia (2010-2013).

We can send you a set of these postcards if you’d like some – email Gill Seyfang to request a set. Or you can download them and print your own:

Download full-page PDFs here

Download PDFs ready to print and fold over into postcard-format here