Opening of the ‘A Sense of Energy’ exhibition

The ‘A Sense of Energy’ exhibition opened its doors to the on 26th June at The White Building in London. The exhibition will move to the Senedd in Cardiff from 30 September until 2nd October. I went along to see the Community Innovation in Sustainable Energy (CISE) project’s exhibit and the rest of the installations at the London show. These included exhibits from four other research projects, based at Goldsmiths College and Cardiff, Keele and Oxford Brookes Universities.


For most of the people involved this has been a bit of an unusual process, moving out of the comfort zone of producing academic journal articles and research briefings to conveying research findings in interactive installations for an exhibition. Looking around the exhibition and seeing people interacting with the exhibits, I got the impression that this is a format that thoroughly deserves further exploration.


A Sense of Energy engages with sustainable energy issues through film, photography, installations and audio designed to provide several encounters with energy across a range of different settings. For instance, Goldsmiths College’s ‘Energy Babble is a networked audio device that broadcasts environmental and energy related content sources from the Internet, especially Twitter, as well as contributions from the people using it… The result is a kind of energy-obsessed, automated talk radio that challenges the listener to consider a variety of viewpoints, reports and issues associated with energy-demand reduction’.


Our exhibit encourages people to think about the human, social, and material contributions people make in sustainable energy projects, and to think about the personal and shared rewards this might involve. Exhibition visitors are invited to put their own project together using building block individuals labeled with the contributions they can make. A lot of sustainable energy debates focus on technologies, policies, markets, and other things. However, community energy initiatives remind us that it is people that make these things happen.




A big thanks to the Cardiff University and Goldsmiths College team and designer, Rachel Murphy, for initiating this process, inviting our project and putting together such a vibrant exhibition about energy! Another big thanks goes to the school children who drew the people (their mothers, neighbours, siblings, etc.) for our building blocks.

The exhibition will move to Cardiff in September. Come along…

30 September to 2nd October

The Senedd, Cardiff

Please feel free to circulate this invitation to people in your networks who you think might be interested. Many thanks!