New: case study reports on FabLabs and Hackerspaces

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs part of the TRANSIT research project, Sabine Hielscher, Mariano Fressoli and Adrian Smith produced two case study reports on  Fab Labs and Hackerspaces respectively. Each report documents the development of FabLab and Hackerspace networks internationally and provides in-depth studies of two local spaces. For FabLabs, these local spaces were FabLab Argentina and FabLab Amersfoort in the Netherlands. For Hackerspaces, these were Las Barracas in Buenos Aires, and Build Brighton in the UK. Each report was guided by the TRANSIT European Framework Programme 7 research project. The TRANSIT project aims to develop Transformative Social Innovation Theory by studying twenty or so international case studies, and which included FabLabs and Hackerspaces in the first round of projects.